Do you have a Silver Duckwing/Golden Laced Sebright Mix? Pictures Please!


Mar 12, 2020
Northern Maine
I hope that I put this in the right thread.

Does Anyone Else have a Hybrid of a Silver Duckwing and a Golden Laced Sebright? I have been looking everywhere and found no pictures. I have a broody sitting on 6 eggs and they are all healthy so far. They are going to hatch in 2 more days or so and I can't take it any longer. I want to know what they are going to look like! Do the chicks have different colors compared to the parents? I am just so gosh darn curious! These two chickens look so different, will there babies have their colors merged? Is one color more dominant than the other? Rose comb or single comb. Red comb or black/purple comb? Pink flesh or black flesh? Pink feet or blue feet? Ahh! I'm just so excited!
Good questions and best wishes for the Broody hatch!

Post pictures of the parents
I had to take the pictures from my 2DS and then take a picture of the picture from my laptop, sorry that it is a bit burry,

Danny the hen

Photo on 5-26-20 at 5.48 PM.jpg

Runt the "Second Mom" (She is not the broody but some of the eggs are hers) (she has a rose comb)

Photo on 5-26-20 at 5.57 PM #2.jpg

Falcon the rooster (He purposely posed for the pictures, it was funny)

Photo on 5-26-20 at 5.49 PM #2.jpg

Photo on 5-26-20 at 5.49 PM.jpg

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