Do you have Fowlstuff nestboxes? Do you like them?


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Jan 11, 2008
One thing I can tell you about these nest boxes is that I cannot keep them in stock. I never thought people would order as many as they do. The most popular item is just the Nest Cover and Perch . That way you can use them on existing buckets.

Many of our orders are reorders so they must work well. And to think I almost didn't give them a try. Go figure.

They also have a video on the Nest Boxes .



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Nov 9, 2007
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Thank you very much for the feedback. I am going to order some in a few days. Previously I have used large, covered kitty litter pans that are $14 a piece, but they can't be mounted on the wall. I have quite a few of the 90G buckets that fowlstuff recommends be used with the cover and perch.


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Oct 16, 2010
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They sound great. Video is helpful too.

You will have to give us a review.


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Jul 14, 2010
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Please don't take this as downing the product: it looks really cool and probably works like a dream, but what I do is buy some good-sized rubbermaid storage containers with the pop on lids and cut a door with scissors...costs about 6.00 all told and I can open the lid from above to collect eggs. Now, the upside to the fowlstuff boxes is that you can easily mount them to the wall, but with a little innovation and some redneck "rigging", I can do the same with my rubbermaid boxes without having anything shipped...

Again, no offense, so please don't take it as such....I just am a very frugal person who tries to use what I have on hand already or can acquire very cheaply. Also, I feel you, Gritsar on the covered cat litter boxes: I frequent yard sales and have picked up several recently for <5 dollars each.

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I'm thinking they would be too hot in summer, air can only enter from the front. And I agree with Bigdaddy's Gurl, you can put something similiar together and pay much less.


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Aug 4, 2008
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I am queen of do it yourself, but I gotta say... these look much less 'diy' then something I would make. And sometimes, I just don't like like making something. I would buy the fronts as I have plenty of the recommended buckets available.... but I gotta say I really like the appearance.


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Aug 19, 2010
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My Coop
Am I supposed to have another air source in the nest boxes I'm making (not from buckets). The plan I have only lets air in from the front.
The back will be accessible from outside but unless someone has opened it, it won't let in much, if any, air.


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Nov 9, 2007
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I do have a couple of the rubbermaid totes to go along with the kitty litter boxes. Problem is, in the larger of my two coops the boxes have to sit on the floor. That would work fine if my chickens didn't insist on kicking shavings into the boxes on a daily basis. I don't like dirty shavings in my nestboxes. Also the younger birds, still working out their place in the pecking order, insist on roosting on top of the boxes. This doesn't harm the cleanliness of the interior of the box, but it's nasty to look at.

Two things I feel the fowlstuff boxes have going for them - they can be wall mounted saving floor space and with the bucket being round, it will make it more difficult for them to roost on top.

My DH is a very handy man, but too busy to be tied up every weekend with chicken business. I can't use power tools. I don't mind paying for a product that will help ease my workload. In my brahma coop I will continue to use the covered litter boxes that have always been in that coop. They are mounted to two 2 X 4s that run the length of one wall. That type of set up is impossible in the larger coop, due to its design.

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