Do you have to wash all your eggs?

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    I know that washing eggs removes the bloom, which protects the egg from bacterial infestation, but I sell them soon enough to prevent this. I understand that you should wash eggs if they're dirty, but what if I got them from the nest spotless? I know some people who never wash their eggs, and sell them when they're all dirty and full of poop and hay, and I think it's disgusting. But my coop is pretty clean, as are most of the eggs.

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    I have read that you should only wash them if they are gross, like what you mentioned above. But, what I do is attach a note to all of the eggs I sell explaining why I don't wash them, and telling them they should be washed right before consumption. Hope that helps:)

    So, if they are pretty clean don't wash them, but be sure people know you have not washed them, and why you do this, and to wash them themselves.
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    Another thing people may not consider when deciding whether or not to wash their eggs is that egg shells are porous and bacteria from the poop may enter the egg through the shell through improper scrubbing.

    I normally do not wash any egg that appears to be clean. If there's poop on the egg, it gets only enough washing to get rid of the poop, using tepid water, never soap.
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    I don't wash mine, nor do I refrigerate.
    Customers know and understand.
    But anything that's visibly dirty I keep for my own use,
    sometimes I wash them, sometimes I don't.
    If I do wash, I dry then refrigerate.
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