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    Okay, call me crazy but I think I can actually understand what the girls are saying to each other.
    I bought a bag of live crickets and dummped them into their run on Saturday. The crickets had a chance to escape for about 30 seconds while the girls discussed them.
    This is the conversation that followed:

    Poppy - "That's new. What are those?"
    Coco - "I have no idea. And why are they moving?"
    Poppy - "Do you think we can eat them? Why didn't she put them in our treat bowl?"
    Pumpkin - "Oh, I hate new things. I'm scared."
    Poppy - "Coco, give one of those a try."
    Coco - "No way, you try one first."
    Poppy - "Never gonna happen. Hey Pumpkin, try one of those hopping things."
    Pumpkin - "What hopping things? I don't see well. WHAT HOPPING THINGS?"
    Poppy - "Oh, right. Pumpkin doesn't see well. Hey Ginger, Give one of those hopping things a try."
    Ginger - "Okay. I'll try one."
    Ginger - "Ooooo, crunchy on the outside - chewy on the inside. YUMMO!!!"

    And the feeding frenzy ensued.

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    "No, that one was mine!"

    "Give it back!"

    "NO ... get you OWN"

    "Hey, come back with that!"

    "Why is everyone chasing me!"

    "Where did all the treats go?"
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    You are very funny. But what's that I can actually picture the whole thing. Aren't they just so darn entertaining!?
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    [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    Someone posted here recently that when she lets her girls out in the morning, they all run to this certain part of the garden where the slugs live.

    Her kids in the house are watching the chickens outside playing tug-o-slug and the kids take bets on who will win.

    Tug-o-slug [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    Quote:[​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

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