Do you spray your duck eggs ?


May 27, 2020
Hi everyone, just wondering how many of you spray your duck eggs and what procedure do you follow, do you spray them with warm water and put them back in straight away ? Do you spray then pat dry? Do you leave the lid off for 15 to cool down before putting eggs back in? If so how many times do you spray them a day and until when? I've heard so many different things so haven't got a clue which is correct, TIA 😊


Feb 26, 2020
Southeastern Ontario, Canada
I'm new at this but this is my experience. I sporadically sprayed my eggs once a day when I remembered with room temperature water that was in the spray bottle beside the bator the entire time. I didnt dry them and didnt let them cool for 15 mins ever. I still got a really good hatch rate for my first time, 9/11. I think its trial and error and dependent on your incubator and humidity, or I just got lucky. I even had a tiny duck egg that I was convinced was a chicken egg that was rocking on day 21. I stopped manually turning or spraying a week before hatch day and that little one (definitely a duck and not a chicken) is doing great!
I think they're more resilient than we give them credit for. Good luck with your hatch!!

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