Do you think he has an issue? 10-12 week old Peking


May 4, 2020
Upstate NY
Howie is somewhere between 10-12 weeks old not really sure of course TSC couldn’t tell us how old they were when we got them. Anyway, he had a niacin issue when he was a little duckling and we worked through it. He still has some issues with his legs but I’m pretty sure they are as good as they are going to get. But now I am looking at how he holds his neck compared to the others. I’m pretty sure everyone else except on of the khaki Campbell’s are female. Is he trying the puff out his chest or does he has a neck issue? Everyone else stretches their neck out but he will only do it occasionally to eat, drink or looking for treats in the pool. I tried to get some pics but of course he’s being a stinker and doesn’t sit still enough. I am hoping that made sense as my phone is t letting me see what I am writing.


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Do you still have Howie on a niacin supplement? The best you can give is Durvet liquid BComplex from TSC 1 ml daily over a special treat. As for the way he holds his neck I’m not sure what is causing him to be like that. Does he have trouble walking maybe that has to do with it? Here is some excellent info on niacin deficiency.
He lets me extend his neck and I don’t feel and lumps or anything out of the ordinary. I give him nutritional yeast in his feed. I can try adding the vitamin B complex also. I’m starting to think he’s just a weirdo. He walks fine just has his chest puffed out with his neck like that. It almost looks like he’s trying to be macho or something 😂

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