Do You Think She's Sick?


8 Years
Mar 30, 2011
I have a hen who turns 4 months old on Tuesday. I am worried about her. The last couple of days she has stayed in the coop in the morning, not coming out to greet me like the others do when I bring their morning water and food. Eventually she has come out and drunk. Today she came out for a time, but went back in and stood on the nesting box. It has been very cold here the last few mornings, around 23 F or so.

Later in the day she did come out and seemed fine.

The first time I noticed anything different was about 3 days ago. I had let her out to free-range, and when it was time to go back into the run, I noticed she seemed in no hurry to go in and was sitting on a board, perching on it. I couldn't talk her into coming down and going in. Finally she took the long way to the run, gingerly picking her way over the top of several open trash cans.
She did go in.

But it was the next morning she stayed in the coop when the others came out, perched on the end, just like this morning. Yesterday I'm not sure whether she came out or not, I think she did. But today she stayed in the coop and then came out, but then went back in.

Is it possible she could be broody this young? I'm guessing she's a white leghorn/RIR mix. I also wondered if a roo chick could have hurt her? They are the same age. I haven't seen them try to mate with her, but it is possible.

All opinions will be appreciated.
If your pullet starts just standing still, and seems off balance, I would check for sour crop. You can do a search on sour crop here and find good information.
Thank you, lucky. She seems much better. She was eager to come out this morning. I had shut their side door to the coop, which I never do, so they can come out early, but it was very windy last night, and I thought there might be a bad draft, so they were faunching at the bit to get out.

She played and ate well and drank all day, so I think she's okay. She went out to free-range a while, too.

I do wonder whether she might have had a temporary crop problem or something and will keep watching her closely.

Had a scare with my solarium boy when I came home from church. He acted like he was having trouble standing up and I thought his legs were bloody, but he had gotten in my huge flower pot which I had watered yesterday and had been ecstatically taking a dust bath and got slightly muddy. My chickens always act like they are having epileptic fits when they dust bathe. It never fails to scare me. :>)


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