Do you think these came from different chickens?


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I have eight 21-week-old pullets. Three of them look fully mature (2 BRs and a SLW) and I've been waiting on eggs! This morning I found their first egg in the nest box when I let the girls out at 8 am. It was cool, and dh said he could have missed seeing it when he locked them up last night, so I'm not sure if it was laid yesterday or today. I caught Marge (a BR) in the nest box at 10 and she laid an egg that is bigger and pinker than the one I found a couple hours earlier. Either she laid both of them a day apart, or I have TWO layers! I know pullets lay small eggs, but can there be a big difference in size between the first and second egg? Also, is the egg color stable from the start, or could that change too? Basically, could these have both come from the same pullet or am I lucky enough to have two start at the same time?

The first egg, the second egg, and an egg from a mature Black Sex-Link.


The second egg and the first.

Oh I hope so!

Both of the shells are plenty hard, so I wonder if I need to break out the oyster shell or if I should wait until they are all laying. They've been eating lots of alfalfa and throw-away greens from the grocery store so they are getting extra calcium that way.
I was say different pullets....

On the oyster shells, throw away greens....I have not given my chickens oyster shells yet, should I be? They get table scraps occasionally and I give them mixed veggie leftovers as well...
I would say two also.. When my girls first started laying the shape of each egg might be different but the color seems to be the same! If I caught a girl on the nest, I would hang around and wait for her egg.. This way, I was able to find out who was laying what egg..
I just found a THIRD egg! This one is darker than the other two and the same size as the second. The first two eggs now look very close to the same color so maybe they were laid by the same chicken but the bloom needed to finish drying on the 2nd. The 3rd egg is clearly from a different chicken so I have at LEAST 2, maybe even 3 layers! Is this common for them all to start at once?


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Lucky you! Our older 2 just turned 20 wks so we're hopeful in the next few weeks to see something....whether or not I'll be able to find it when they do lay remains to be seen, as they only go in the coop to eat and stay out of the rain, and are otherwise free rangers.

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