Do you use a hatcher?

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Jan 22, 2011
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I'm just curious what kind of hatchers BYCers use.

I use my Brinsea Eco 20 for incubation only and a homemade styrofoam hatcher for lockdown and hatching. I wonder how long my homemade hatcher will last, so I will likely use something else in the future. Anyone use a hovabator as a hatcher?
I have a Sportsman cabinet incubator that I incubate in and LG, Hova-Bator and a homemade styrofoam incubators as hatchers.

I have an Incubator and hatcher that is very similar to GFQ 1202. They each have 3 trays and they hold 18 dozen eggs! They work really well also! My hatcher can be used as an Incubator. All I would need to do is Turn the Eggs 3 Times a day.

Incubator and Hatcher

Incubator Trays

Hatcher Trays


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Good garden o' peas, I just hatch in my Gen 1588. I can't hatch that many chicks. Lord have mercy where would I put them all. Though I must admit a Hova 1602N might be easier to clean but I doubt it. I'd still have to clean the 1588 AND the Hova bator. No thanks one is enough.
I wish i had the clear doors like yours.... Incubator envy.....

Mine are almost identical to your but I got a heck of a deal on them this spring! I paid $80 each for a total or $160. I'm going to use them until they die! lol

Thanks! I love my clear doors! I paid more then you for mine though. $233 a piece in nearly new condition and one bator had never been used. They came with the doors too. I've never regretted it once. They make incubation sooooo easy!
Good buy on yours!
Did you get them off Craigslist or Ebay? I would like to have GFQ's but they are expensive. There is a guy "trying" to sell a used GFQ Hatcher for $400 here. It has been re listed since August or September.

Off craigslist from a guy that used them for emus. he wanted $300 each and we talked him down to $700 for all 3. They where worth what he was asking but I only had $700.
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