Do you use sand in your coop/run? Here is my solution to cleaning up!


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This is our first time raising chickens. We have had our coop and girls since June and, after reading here and a couple of blogs, I decided to go with sand for the coop. Initially I bought a kitty litter scoop to clean up the poop but that was a real pain. I then found a long handled kitty liter scoop but with the size of the scoop and an 8x8 coop to clean out, it was still a huge pain. My next idea was to make a wooden frame and staple 1/4" wire mesh to it. I would then scoop dirty sand and sift it through this screen, tossing the poop into a container. This was ok but still cumbersome to a degree since I would need to stop and empty the sifter regularily. I finally decided to try something else and it works WONDERFULLY!

I went to Lowes and bought a regular square shovel and some 3/4" wide by 1/8" thick steel stock.I marked out 1" around the edge of the shovel and used a cut off wheel in my angle grinder to cut out the center of the shovel. I then cut pieces of the steel stock to make a frame. I drilled and tapped this steel stock and drilled coresponding holes the the remaining part of the shovel. Lastly I cut some 1/4" wire mesh to fit and used screws through the mesh, shovel, and metal pieces, basically sandwiching the wire mesh between the shovel and steel frame.

To use, I place a large tub just outside the door of the coop. I scoop up a "shovel" full and the sand falls right through the wire mesh, leaving behind the poop. I then simply toss the poop in to the tub and keep going. I can clean the entire floor of the coop in just a few minutes without really bending over! Here are some pics of what I did in case anyone wants to consider making one of there own.

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That is the biggest pooper scooper I've ever seen in my entire life! If my cats saw me coming with that, they'd high-tail it for the hills in fear that 'where there's a giant pooper scooper there's gotta be a giant litter box', and there's only one thing that can use a giant litter box and we all know what that is...yep!...a giant cat !!! LOL !!!

Seriously though, you took a rudimentary concept and applied your skills and know-how and developed it into a well oiled !!! I only have one question for you...Do you happen to know what time Lowe's opens in California because I need to make me one of them!

Thanks for the idea and the info!
Maybe I should patent it and start selling them. I could end up with my own late night infomercial and become rich! I can see it now...Get your new Super Dooper Pooper Scooper now for only $49.95 plus shipping and handling. But wait, if you act now, we will send you a second Super Dooper Pooper Scooper for only $9.95 plus shipping and handling! Our operators are standing by so don't delay!

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