Do you worm broody hens? And a repeat treatment question.

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11 Years
Aug 29, 2012
I'm worming my chickens at the moment but I've got one on eggs for another week. The woman at the feed store was surprised when I said I guess I can't do her and said yes of course you can.

What makes me make me wary of worming her is she isn't drinking much so how likely is she to get a full dose, wouldn't I be better to wait a week till the chicks arrive and she is drinking more normally? The bottle emphasises the importance of it being consumed quickly. Is there any danger of the chicks picking up the worms if she has them when they are expelled?

Second question is the bottle makes no mention of repeating the treatment but she said to wait two weeks and then reworm. Do I trust her or the bottle? Surely if it was a good idea to repeat the bottle would say so because then they could sell twice as much product. The fact they haven't suggested selling twice as much makes me wary of doing it and makes me wonder if that's what the woman was doing. I ended up having to buy a double size bottle as the smaller wouldn't have done two doses, now having read the bottles fine print I'm thinking why would they even make a bottle that didn't hold enough for the two treatments if it needs repeating.

Should mention I don't know if they have worms, thought I may have seen something in a frothy poop the other day a bit like wiggling skinny Cecil worms but not sure if It was actually just the bubbles in the froth popping because when I looked closer I couldn't see anything but bubbles popping. So this is more a just in case treatment because they haven't had anything for 8 or 9 months and we have a lot of wild birds. I've purchased kilverm which has an active constituent of 14g/L levamisole. Being in Australia not sure I can buy same brands as you guys. Says it treats tape, Cecal and hair worms and has dosage instructions specifically for poultry with no mention of repeating dose.
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