Do you write Thank You notes?


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My mother taught us to write Thank You notes as soon as we could write. It was just what we did in the days following Christmas. I've gotten kind of slack about doing it in the recent past, but am about to start back up again if only to set a good example for my nieces.

Do you write thank you notes?
No, I call everyone who gifted me and say thank you verbally. Either that or I go visit and say thank you
My mom never taught us any of that, she was kind of antisocial. I do, however, send thank you cards all the time. I know that I would like it when someone cares enough to take the time to write one out and thank me. Usually the only time I don't is at Christmas time, since we are able to thank the gifter personally. I've even sent thank you cards to people that have helped me through some rough times. The response I got from them was really nice. You don't have to get a tangible gift to warrant giving a thank you.
I think that writing a nice thank you note is very important. Over the last several years we have been to the weddings of two of my wife's nieces. We travelled a long way to go and gave a very substantial gift to each. Neither of them sent a thank you note and we were quite upset about it. If we did not see from our accounts that they cashed the checks then we would not even know that they had gotten the gifts. On the other hand in November we attended the wedding of the yougest daughter of a very old family friend. Within two weeks we had received a very personal thank you note that not only acknowledged our gift but went on to tell us how much she appreciated our presence. Thank you notes are necessary and important in those types of situations.

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