Do your chickens behave?


9 Years
Jul 10, 2010
My chickens always put themselves into their coop when I tell them to go in. If they are far off, I just have to walk behind them and they run into their coop.
Others have told me they have a terrible time getting their chickens in the coop during the day.

What have your experiences been?

Here is a video of them putting themselves away on the coop -
I had LOTS of trouble at first. Now I have 7-9 of 41 that want to sleep out in my spruce tree if allowed to free range in the day, but I've given up
They can do what they want.
Well, I only have 11 chickens, but even my babies quickly learned to put themselves to "bed." But I wouldn't go as far as to say that they're behavin' all the time

ETA: Just went back to watch your video - cute chickens! Now IF they always stay out of that raised garden bed they passed on their way back to the coop, I'd say you have some truly obedient chickens!
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All I have to do is show mine a piece of bread and they'll follow me anywhere. The chicks I raised were no problem to teach but the ones I purchased at 12 weeks of age didn't seem to know the ropes of going up and down a ramp. They were terrified of bread, and would eat only starter crumbles. Scratch feed made them huddle in the corner. They were definitely slow learners but once they got the hang of going in the coop they do fine.
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Mine just crack me up, if they think it is time for them to go up, no problem, but I can't leave them out when I'm not here (too much suburbia) If I walk behind them with a switch (anything will do from a long blade of ornimental grass to a rake) they walk IN PROTEST all the way to the coop shooting me dirty looks the whole way. I just shoo them along I use my herding stick as an extension of my arm. Usually one makes a break for it. I have been told not to chase them, HA these chickens don't know how to be chased, they just stroll along, nibble here scratch there, until they are about 15 feet from the run door and then they all think 'hey what a good idea lets go up now'. If I have treats for them they do come a runnin.
I'm afraid to say it because I have been amazed that they have not but I have never seen them in my raised bed and the plants have not been eaten so for now, they are being Good Chickens
Our three banties follow us EVERYWHERE. We can't get away from their watchful eyes. They are pretty good about playing "Marco Polo" if we (or they) get out of eyesight. They squawk, we call, they come running.

They will start making a racket when it's almost bedtime and usually go into their coop, but sometimes we find them lounging on whatever handy high surface they will all three barely fit on.
All I have to do for the "Super Six" is make the "time for bed" call and they file in one by one. Pretty cool, never thought they could behave as well as my two mutts!

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