Do your Chickens know?

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  1. Have you noticed that your chickens seem to know things that you never thought possible from our "bird-brained" feathered friends?

    Something that I found was that my chickens ( especially chicks ) know the sound water makes. I suppose much like when you shake the food container they know it's food.

    Has anyone else discovered things they never knew that chicken knew[​IMG].

  2. americana-lover

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    Apr 13, 2012
    My girls have learned the sound of dried mealworms in a container when I shake it up. They learned that that sound means treats! [​IMG]
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  3. Gertrude McFuzz

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    Apr 11, 2013
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    The sound of the key in the lock to their door to the run. You can hear them hop down when you stick it in. And the shaking of their food.
  4. That's the same with me McFuzz. Except my flock can hear me all the way up at the house when I open my bed room door to come down to let them out. My rooster starts crowing and you hear the hens crashing to the ground in
  5. azygous

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    Dec 11, 2009
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    Mine will learn to associate an improvised song with a specific action.

    For example, I sing, "Who wants to come out and play, out and play? Who wants to come out and play toooo-day?" And when I open the door to the coop, they'll all be bunched up ready to burst out into the play yard.

    Another one is, "It's tortilla time, it's tortilla time, tortilla time, tortilla time!" When they hear me sing that, they all race over to the corner of the coop where I keep the tin with the tortillas inside.

    And we thought only dogs and cats understood people language.

  6. [​IMG]^^ Your crazy....but funny[​IMG].

    I haven't gotten to the stage of singing to my chickens but that's cool how you teach them stuff through vocalization.

    I think most people chickens do this but If I call "here chick chick chicks" they all come a running.
  7. Perfect Polish

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    May 29, 2013
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    My Zoro knows when I come home. When the car pulls in the drive way he runs back and forth along the fence line.
    We also have a deck above my chicken pen and ill drop treats over the edge for them like leftover vegis and suck so now every time they here that door open they all fly to the bottom thinking they will get treats.
  8. Laurenn92

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    Jan 22, 2014
    Every time I'm calling my chickens over for food/treats, I call out "oh chickens" in a certain tone of voice.
    Now they recognise that tone of voice and come running, even if they're hiding under a shrub or dust bathing, they stop what they're doing and all come running to me.
    It's adorable!

    Also, we keep their chicken coop/run about 7 meters from our back door, in clear view of our kitchen window.
    Each and every morning, when I get up at 6am to make my fiance's lunch before he goes to work, the chickens all stand in their run and watch us in the kitchen, and they make lots of noise hoping that we'll come out and let them out of the run.
    All throughout the day, if they haven't been let out, they watch me through the window and make lots of noise.

    It's funny, I never really thought that chickens would be such terrific pets. I was given them as a gift from my fiance, and at first I thought it was a strange idea. But they're so clever. :)

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