Do your hens like your rooster?

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8 Years
Jul 1, 2011
Colorado mountains
I have a mixed flock of hens, ranging from five that were a year old this spring, two that will be a year old this December and two that were hatched in April. I also introduced a rooster this summer, one of the same hatch as my two youngest pullets He is a big handsome fellow, but is close to twice the size of some of my hens. My hens seems to hate him, and now that he is of breeding age, he chases them all over the chicken yard, and jumps on them. It looks kinda like rape to me. Egg production is down. I know that this may be because it is autumn, and that several of my hens are just finishing up their moulting, but I wonder if they are upset by the rooster. Any thoughts?
Your rooster is probably stressing the hens, which will cause egg production to drop. (As will the shorter days this time of the year.)
He is still a "teenager" he still has a long way to maturity. He should get better as he ages. If you want to keep him maybe you can house him separately for a couple of months. If you do, keep him where they can see and talk with each other. No guarantees he will turn out to be the best rooster.

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