Docile breeds for picked on Light Brahma


Feb 26, 2017
I had a flock of 6...4 EE, 1 RIR and 1 light Brahma. Egg door came open and one EE got eaten :(...I guess she was the peace maker. After that the problems started. All the other hens will attack the light brahma who I took inside all winter to rehab her-- her neck was covered in scabs and a bloody mess. Every time I try to reintroduce they immediately attack her, she hides in a corner and first opportunity runs to me to try to get out. She is the sweetest (and by far the largest!) bird. So I'm converting a 4'x3' playhouse to a coop tractor. If I move it to fresh grass each morning, I'm thinking i could put 3 birds in there total so she's not alone (although she frankly prefers being alone to her mean flock mates!)..?. So what breeds are the most docile and friendly to go with my light Brahma? I don't care about egg production and these birds are more "pets" and are never going to be eaten (by me at least!)



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Some people say Silkies, however my Silkie, who was timid and shy for years got mean as soon as the older hens got docile- she went in to full beotch mode. My Buff is consistently calm and sweet. Seems like they are going to have their pecking order no matter what.
Maybe try Japanese bantams? Absolutely flighty as all get out, but mine are lower on the pole and I don't know if that's because they're nice to others or because of their size. But they accept new flock mates pretty decently.

You could also try a sex link or a mixed breed
I think I'll look for either another couple brahmas or orpingtons, those seem to be the best bets. We'll just see what's available locally! Thanks all!

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