Does about 2 week old chicks shed intestinal lining? If so, how often does it occur?


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Mar 11, 2014
I saw reddish brown and red pink feces on one or few of my about 2 week old chicks, since 4 days ago. It happens a lot of time(at least 4 times a day). They are all acting normal, without any other sign of possible illness. Is it a shed intestinal lining, signs of coccidiosis or signs of another disease present in my chick(s)? If it is a shed intestinal lining, how often does it occur for about 2 week old chicks?

I am feeding them broiler starter chick feed and crack corn. I am not sure if the feed is medicated.
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Apr 3, 2011
southern Ohio
I might pick up some Corid (amprollium) at the feed store today. Then you would have it if they start acting sick, or you could give them a 5 day course. There are prevention dosages and severe outbreak dosages. I would not feed cracked corn to them because they are a bit young, and anything other than chick feed requires chick-sized grit to digest. Don't rely on medicated feed to prevent cocci.
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