Does any one else have tiny gnats in their house?

Whispering Winds

11 Years
Jan 14, 2009
Bond County, Illinois
Ugh, I hate these things worse than ants or mosquitoes. They are tiny, can get in any kind of window or door and they are all over the place. We have them every year. They are not fruit flies; got them so bad one year from bananas I brought in from Sam's that I had to literally bomb my house, no kiddin'. But, these things are driving me nuts and I can't spray too much because I have lots of critters in the house and I HATE having to wipe everything down. Anyone have a remedy?
There are a couple of things I do that really work well.
Stick a banana peel in the garbage disposal, sticking out just a bit. Wait until they are sitting on it and turn the water and the disposal on. Lay a banana peel on the counter. Let them come to it and vacuum them up (I use a rainbow so they are trapped in the water). Last year WalMart had some hand held bug zappers. Those things are a ton of fun with the little buggers.
Last year we had what I think WERE fruit flies, but this might work for your gnats, too....put a cup of apple cider vinegar out near the sink, or wherever you have them. My fruit flies disappeared in pretty short order. It's worth a try?

Good luck...I HATE bugs of all kinds!
Yup, cider vinegar with dish soap works great.

I also spray my elderly midget cactus (who is about 20 years old and 10 inches tall) named Ouch and my Christmas Cactus named Sticky with soapy water and that helps. They a re my only 2 houseplants.

How much dish soap do you add to the vinegar? I'll have to add it next time. Might work faster. I think the vinegar alone took 2 days, but they went away! Like the plant names-Ouch is a priceless name for a cactus!!!

Nope no gnats anymore, lots of spooges on my monitor!

"Last year WalMart had some hand held bug zappers."
That sounds like fun!! We have a fly swatter with a gun handle that has two swatter parts that snap together.
Yes, we get those darn things. They hatch out in my wife's house plants. If you bug bomb the house, be sure and take the birds and the fish somewhere else for the day.

My son bought us a fly trap with a fluorescent light and a little vacuum. It lures them in and then sucks them in. It works real good, but the family thinks it is tacky. It sure beat the gnats.

In Georgia they call them "sand gnats" and even have a baseball team named after them.
ANNOYING little creatures! I hate them!
And yeah, they can get through screened windows, drives me bonkers.
I use a rainbow vacuum too, works like a charm

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