Does anybody do fecal tests to detect worms in your chickens?

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  1. crazy huhn

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    May 24, 2008
    I was wondering if anybody does fecal tests with your veterinarians to detect worms in your chickens?
    If so, would the vet be able to detect all species of worms/eggs/larvae in the test. I know from horse fecal tests, that NOT all different species can be found.
  2. KristaChickenWhisperer

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    Sep 1, 2008
    Lake Stevens, WA
    I am not sure of different species but Vets are usually good with that kind of stuff! I am sure if it is a common worm species they could be able to identify it. Some worm species have a very distinct look to them.
  3. cockadoodle

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    Jan 20, 2009
    I don't believe tape worms show up in the typical tests. but you can usually see them with the nakid eye, I think that's how most people figure out if their chicks have that nasty one.

  4. bigzio

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    Jan 20, 2007
    I've had a fecal test done about a year ago, however nothing was oberved....I think the cost was like $17.00.

    I use wormguard plus broad spectrum in the layer feed and wanted to check if it was indeed working.

    ~ bigzio
  5. thebritt

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    Mar 5, 2009
    Humboldt County
    Our vet will do fecal tests for anything, I can just drop it off. Be sure it's fresh. You can refridgerate the sample up to 10 hours, but the fresher the better. Do you have a vet in your area that treats birds? That would be the best one. As far as what worms they can detect, I'd ask, but sometimes the sample is negative yet the animal does have worms. Also, some techs are better at doing float tests than others, so you just have to hope they're doing it right. When in doubt, worm 'em all. Good luck.
  6. cuppie

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    Mar 27, 2009
    Lynnwood, Wa
    i actually work at a vet clinic and we send most if not all avian or exotic fecal samples out to the lab to be run. even though i read multiple canine and feline fecal samples a day, avians can have parasites that will get past us so to be sure we always send them out. either way its the same price.
  7. Cetawin

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    Mar 20, 2008
    NW Kentucky
    My vet does the fecal float for $10 and he looks for all the poultry critters in there. His tech does the initial look see and then he follow up himself. he is very funny about that...he sees things she misses. Plus he has chickens himself and knows what he is looking for.

    I just drop it off and they call me with the results.
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