Does Anyone Else Have Welsummer Bantams ?

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  1. josh44

    josh44 Chillin' With My Peeps

    Jun 16, 2008
    San Antonio Texas
    I am an up coming breeder with a new flock of welsummer bantams.
    These guys are F1-F2 imports from Holland.
    There is a very limmited amount that were inported in the U.S. so I don't expect many to have them, but for those who do,or might be interested in obtaining them in the future,
    Please contact me.

    Welsummer Bantams are currenly considerd inactive. So we will be needing others to take on this rare breed, and to hopfully actively exhibit them.
    Showing proof that there is an interest in this breed.

    I will be working with them in attempt to spark an interest and breed quality Bantam Wellies
    I am hoping to make it into the shows as early as 2-3 months.

    I have been informed that
    Their parents made a big impression on several exhibitors and judges, in the past year.

    I am looking for others who might have also aquirred Bantam Welsummers as myself,
    in hopes of monitoring their activity in poultry shows, and to talk and share experiences and tips on raising
    Bantam Welsummers.

    So if you have some Welsummer Bantams and are able to Show them Off at Poultry Shows! Please do so if your able,
    It is the only way were going to bring this Rare breed back!

    I might be selling hatching eggs, and chicks in the near future.

    I am currently looking for others who might have obtained some of these
    Awesome Bantams, If not I am looking for others whom might be interested in raising Bantam Welsummer.

    Please don't hessitate to contact me by email, or by phone.
    I can be reached at
    [email protected]
    if you wish to speak with me over the phone, please
    email your name & contact number ,& I will
    respond as quickly as I can.

    Thanks For Reading,
  2. EweSheep

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    Jan 12, 2007
    Land of Lincoln
    Got some here! [​IMG]
  3. gamebirdsonly

    gamebirdsonly Overrun With Chickens

    Mar 5, 2007
    I also have some about 20 of them.
  4. EweSheep

    EweSheep Flock Mistress

    Jan 12, 2007
    Land of Lincoln
  5. josh44

    josh44 Chillin' With My Peeps

    Jun 16, 2008
    San Antonio Texas
    WOw that was quick I did,t expect anyone to reply that quick,
    Please do keep in touch, I am looking to keep in contact with those who have
    welsummer bantams and to encourage the proper breeding of them for others to enjoy.
    Your responces are greatly appreciated.
  6. Maggie in Katy

    Maggie in Katy New Egg

    Jun 16, 2012
    I think I have Welsummer Bantams they are beautiful birds. He is a really good daddy and she is a good mother unlike what I read about the hen. They are free range and have 5 chicks, he is very protective one night we were setting at the table and something hit the window by the kitchen table with a thump and we ran out side to see what it was. He was standing on the porch rail crowing and crowing I knew where they usually roosted so I went out to the tree to see if I could see any thing that would be upsetting him, I was thinking a possum or raccoon, she was in the tree and cackling and I could hear one of the babies in a vine behind me so I rousted him out of the vine and he flew over to where the father was, then the hen flew out of the tree over to him too. Then we realized that the other 4 chicks were missing we went around the house as my husband came out the door and said the babies are on the front porch, and had looked up at him as if to say help us, we herded them around to the back of the house and the family quited down and went to roost in the tree and all was well. We thought it was interesting that they came to us for help in the way they did because they are just loose in the neighborhood we are not sure where they came from or why they chose us as the place to stay except that we have a lot of greenery in the back yard and several trees which others don't have he have started feeding them and watering them after they had been here about a month, they dig in the garden for bugs and are very happy here and we have kind of taken ownership of them.

    We have 5 Chicks, 4 are dark in colors and one is light and as I was reading trying to identify the breed, it said that the female chicks are the dark ones, I thought that the dark ones were the cocks and the lighter one was probably a hen. Which changes my perspective a whole bunch can you clarify any of this. They are almost to the Pullet stage but they stay really close together, I remember from childhood that I can keep all of the females but if they are cocks we will need to get rid of the extras might only keep one.

    Our rooster looks like the prettiest in any of the pictures lots of color and a long full graceful tail, my husband says he is prettier then any in the pictures, he is just beautiful and the hen though much plainer and light brown, is definitely show quality. Don't know that we would ever try to show the adults but I think they would be winners, it is possible that if we kept a couple of babies we would try or I might think about showing or letting our granddaughters show them, because we could take the time to tame them, so they could be handled. My granddaughters show Holland Lop Rabbits very successfully and enjoy that. The younger one really likes chicken, they had some that they raised from Easter and she had them trained to set on a lines which she put up on 4 little chicks all in a row. She would have had them in the house eating at the table if she could have gotten away with it. They took them to the farm a couple of weeks ago and she was devastated so I think she would like working with these babies. They were probably born around Easter also.

    I know nothing about showing chickens so would appreciate any information you could give me do they need to be pedigreed or anything like that if so that would eliminate ours.

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