Does Anyone Else Suffer from Psoriasis?

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    Hey everybody! I've been suffering from psoriasis since my junior year of high school and it is awful. One of the hardest parts is that it generally shows up in places where it is the hardest to hide. My forehead, around my nose, behind my ears, my belly button, on my get the picture.

    It's also very frustrating that dermatologist used to say that it was mild. That may be true, but it's like having severe acne on your face. You can't truly hide it and it's pretty painful.

    I'm dealing with it right now and some parts of my face feel like a giant scab.


    I ran out of my topical medication (and can't get a refill until Monday afternoon). Does anyone have a semi-decent home treatment that can get me through the weekend? I'm so tired of my face feeling sore. It also doesn't help that it feels like I'm shedding whenever I scratch head. It looks really gross. -_-,

    Any feedback would be great!
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    Yes we have experience with this condition and from what you say your conditon is mild when comparing it to others who suffer the same thing. So do take heart in that it could have been a lot worse. I know of folk that have it from the top of their head to their toes and scabbing as large as dinner plates. My sister in law is one of those and is currently having to take medication that is usually used for Cancer treatments.

    The only safe things you can use right now is E-45
    Or a none scented moisturiser with 1% hydrocortazone

    Hope this is helpful to you.


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