Does anyone else watch "Breaking Bad"?


10 Years
Feb 12, 2009
Western North Carolina
We (DH and I) are always looking for a good TV series to get into. Waiting on several to come out on Netflix. I picked Breaking Bad one day because it was rated highly. It's pretty darn good. We are into Season 2 of it now. Just curious about other opinions of it.
heard good things as well and tried to get the wife to watch with me. We're currently only a few episodes in... I like it but I think Ive lost her though.
I've seen it a couple of times and really liked it; my problem is the ongoing story line. I don't do well with keeping up with ongoing stories because I don't watch TV enough. So then I'm lost and annoyed when I tune in and have missed what's happened. But it looks like a good show! Dark, but good.
Yeah- the show that makes me think of my friend...sheesh. We don't get that network any more, but we watched it a bit when it first started.

Ironic now.

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