does anyone have a house chick?

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May 26, 2010
my daughter was given a young chicken by a friend of mine. it is supposed to be a bb red bantam, but when it got its feathers, it had the feathers of a rooster, but didnt get a comb,so he didnt want it. (will post pics when i get some) but when we first brought it home we didnt have a spot for it, so we brought it in the house in a gunea pig cage. well, she lets it out to run around during the day and it sits on her lap, or if she is outside and doesnt take it with her, it sits on my lap or on my shoulder. and last night as the sun was seting, he got on my shoulder and started to make little sounds kinda like a cricket and running his beak threw my hair. it is a lot of clean-up but she takes care of it(its a good thing we dont have carpet!!)

has anyone else raised a chick in the house?


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Jul 16, 2008
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My son raised a standard american game hen in his room for about a year. She had been an orphan given to us for free but we didn't have a group of the same age for her to be with. I put her outside in a pen alone but next to another group hoping she could be integrated, it didn't work. Luckily she is broody with a batch of polish on the way from my pet chicken.
My son now has a sebrite in his room, she lost her mate to a snake and so now she is sure my son is her chick. She has been in with him for over 6 months and is very happy being a house chicken. We built her a small 2 level cage with casters so she has enough space and she gets to freerange the house some. It is very easy to build a custom cage, I used the heavier plastic netting from Lowes and 2 by 3's for the frame. I also recommend a diaper if you plan on letting him run loose.


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I currently have 3 house chickens and will probably have at least 3 more by the time this brooder season is over. I raise special needs chicks/chickens and most of them can never be with my flock so they become house chickens. I love them and can't imagine not having them. Mine do not get to roam the house (they couldn't anyway - bad legs, blind, etc) but they all have their own large cage with all the comforts I can provide and they get to go outside supervised in nice weather.

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