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Aug 12, 2019
Kerrville texas
Hello, so i own 2 silkie roosters (I'm sure they might be slightly mixed with something along the lines but im not 100% on that)
Well this morning i heard the roo that is not head roo, but he does still crow sometimes, making HONKING sounds. I was so concerned i had to check to make sure it was actually him. He was stretching his neck as if he was crowing. But instead it was just loud honking. It went on for about 5 minutes before i had to leave for work. So he could of been doing it all morning.
Is this normal? Is he ok? We don't have ducks or geese or any other type of bird that might of taught him this sound. So I'm very confused.


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My first thought would be an obstruction or cough -- did he seem distressed in any way?

On the other hand, the range of chicken vocalizations is very broad, including some strange noises indeed.

Not at all. He kind of seemed happy to be doing it. He was making the sound every couple of seconds. Long enough to catch his breath and honk again. I'm returning home soon so i will check to make sure everything is ok. But he crows often so i don't think he was trying to teach himself to crow. Maybe he was just being silly?
That looks like a hatchery quality pure bred Silkie. :)

I truly believe it was something in the throat. Hopefully is okay when you return. :fl
His tail feathers have an emerald green tint to them so thats what makes me wonder if they're mixed. They're my only chickens and are about 7 months old now. Hes all good. Eating some watermelon right now and there doesn't seem to be any issues.
One of my roosters did something like that for a while when he was coming into his voice. It took him about a month to consistently sound like a rooster crowing instead of some kind of weird squeaky hinge. Does he usually crow like a normal roo? If so it could have just been something in his throat like EggSighted4Life said.
My two cockerels both make a noise that is exactly like the one the pod people made in Invasion of the Body Snatchers. Long ago, I had a hen who made that sound, too. Freaked me out at first, but the other chickens seem to ignore it completely.

I also get whistles, clicks, a lovely little trilling noise and what sounds like purring. Chickens iz weird.

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