Does anyone have light brahma eggs to sell?

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Mar 12, 2008
Does anyone have light brahma eggs to sell? I have two but I would like more.
check out the brahma club...they list birds they have for sell on their website. I too love the light brahmas and would be interested in getting other colors eventually. I only have 1 light girl and she's the only chicken I have that LIKES to be picked up & petted
Well, I'm not in your state, so are you NPIP certified?
If you are, I would want 4 eggs, depending how much they are.
No, I'm not NPIP....I just had to Google it & see what it is, but I'm still confused.

How do I get certified?

If it means anything--and I'm not sure if it does....

I bought all of my chickens from McMurray Hatchery (vaccinated). I live in the middle of no where & these were my first chickens, in a brand new coop. So there haven't been any outside birds...

Anyway, sorry for my ignorance...if it's not too spendy & easy to do--I'd like to become NPIP certified....I just am not sure how?

My understanding of getting NPIP certified is if you sell alot of chickens or show your birds and in some cases 100s of hatching eggs in your state or out.....Someone will correct me if I am wrong......

Myself I don't find the need for it.....
These people will come to your house and give all of your chickens a blood test. (They do this so you don't send a sickness to other animals when you mail them.) It costs about $500 for them to come and do this and then you have to get health papers. If you mail, or pick up chickens from another state that the customer or reciever is not in, it is illegal. it costs different prices depending what state you live in. You don't have to be certified if the chicken or egg(s) is being sold and delivered in the same state. Oh, and one more thing, they want to come and see even if you had them vaccinated. You ahve to do this every time you get new chickens, if you wish to keep mailing, delivering, ect. I hope this helps! Call your county extension office to get the phone number of who can come out and test your birds.

-Hen Zero
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Oh, okay....this is the first I've heard of it. I don't have that many birds (in fact, I just sold another 6 to a lady down the road)...and I only sell a very limited number of hatching eggs per year...but I've been doing that for years on eBay & through my website with out issues....




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