Does anyone have only ONE breed?


Mar 22, 2020
About to be down to 2 breeds but really only one because my roo is a RIR and the isa browns have that mixed in with them. My only golden lace is a heifer and won't quit attacking everybody else, she about to get a one way ticket to the stew pot. I've tried isolating her, glasses, and everything else. She just won;t act right.


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Feb 22, 2016
New Hampshire USA
My Coop
My Coop
We started out keeping chickens in 2016. We decided on all Buff Orpingtons based on what we read of their easy going temperament, tolerance to cold (we are in NH), and friendliness. We had only Buffs until last year. We have 6 Buff Orpingtons now and last spring we got 2 Speckled Sussex chicks. We love our friendly buffs, and highly recommend them. Although now, if we lose any hens we may get other types of chicks in future, we will probably always have some BO's. (We have 8 hens) and that is all we can fit. Our BO's have gotten along with each other well. I think same breed seem to do that, but it may be that the first 4 arrived together and were always together. LOL, when we first got them, and because we had built a fence of saplings (fort-like) by the coop, hubby made a sign 'Fort Orpington'! That and the fence are gone now.

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Pandemic chicks

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Jul 1, 2020
Just wondering if anyone only has one or even 2 breeds of chicken? Seems like most people have as many different breeds as they have space for. (Not "judging", I am all about everyone doing what THEY want to do!) I'm just curious is all. :)

We have production reds and what TSC calls Asian blacks. I guess we have mutts. They are all healthy, good layers and cold hardy. Been looking at other breeds but I know it can be hard to introduce new birds into the flock and we don’t want multiple coops.

Patty from Ivy

Jan 25, 2018
I started with 3 Black Australorp pullets almost 3 years ago because of their egg laying chops and I have not been disappointed! One died (she broke her own neck!) and I got two more pullets this past summer and they have kept us in eggs through the winter. The two older ladies are taking their usual winter break, but even if they don't start laying again, they are all so sweet that they are pets that I enjoy. Never regretted sticking with this breed.


May 16, 2015
Jackson, Georgia
1 breed was my intention (got Isbars) but I loved the look of Welsummer eggs so added that breed (and not disappointed in them at all). Then a few weeks ago I bought 3 3-month old non-crested Swedish Flower Hens pullets just because they're cool looking and also 3 month old Bielefelder pullets because they're so sweet and gentle.
So many breeds to choose from and everyone has different likes/dislikes along with whatever their purpose is in using them.
I think it takes alot of self-discipline or having a major focus on a goal (such as breeding) to get just 1 breed. Obviously, I am lacking in self-discipline!😊 - and it's only the start of the new year 🤦‍♀️😉

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