Does anyone here feed quail to their snake?


Jun 1, 2009
I have a 4.5 foot ball python who has only ever eaten live rats of various ages.

I didn't get the quail to feed to my snake because I didn't realize you could. But, now that I've got both, I'm considering the quail as an inexpensive food supply for the snake as well as us. Haha.

Anyone do it? She can handle a full size rat, so I'm thinking that when these quail are 4 weeks old they'll be a good size for her. Advice?

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My advice to buy a pet that doesn't require eating something alive.

I tried to feed mine a chick that died during hatching...he didn't want to have anything to do with it. I don't see why you couldn't try it if the snake will accept it.
I used to raise Ball pythons years ago. They will eat them, but probably get them to eat live, unless he/she is hungry, maybe dead with long tongs. On a side note, do you have plenty of Quail? I have heard of some people trying different thing and then the snake would not eat mice/rats anymore...just something to think about.
If you have extras I see no issues with providing your snake with a home grown food source. It is safer than picking up rodents from the pet/feed store. I think most people feed rats/mice as they are cheaper to purchase than birds.
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As an aside, I was raising some hamsters for a friends snake, but she had to stop feeding them because the snake was starting to refuse eating the frozen mice from the store when the hamster supply was in a lull.​
That's a good point. Yes, I will be hatching every month. As well, my aunt keeps quail for meat so she is always hatching too.

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