Does anyone in MI (I'm near Detroit) have Mille Fluer De"Uccles???


8 Years
Apr 14, 2011
Curious if anyone near me also has any of the wonderful birds with personality. I have been trying to find another hen as a companion for my girl and haven't even been able to find anyone who HAS this breed. We recently went to the Armada fair and there WERE some there but no info on the how to contact the owner or I would have done that to see if they had any hens for sale. I have fallen in love with this breed, they are so sweet and friendly.

Tragically, I have made some mistakes when it's come to my new obsession
I originally wanted 3 girls but was forced to buy 6 chicks from our local TSC ... long story short, I agreed to split them with my cousin who had wanted to try layers. We ended up with 3 MFDs and 3 SS (Silver Seabrights). Of these, we ended up with 2 roos. I sent 1 roo away to a farm (I can't have roos) and the other was set to go with 2 girls to my cousin. I kept the other 2 girls. Well, I should have given my cousin all the SS and kept the MFDs but we split them and I ultimately ended up with the LOUDEST SS hen ever! LOL So she had to go ... she would CROW at the break of dawn and throughout the day ... silly girl. Anyhow, I went to cousin's for a visit and saw the chickens doing well there and was thinking maybe I had made a mistake and should send our Justina there ... good thing I didn't ... just a couple days after the visit, a weasel got into the coop and killed the little banties and some of their regular chickens.
I wish I'd have gone with my gut and asked to take back the little MFD girl they had still had at the visit as she and Justina were the same age and raised together and would have been good companions.

So now I feel bad because our sweet, friendly girl has no companion for when we can't be with her and have been looking for at least 1 other small banty hen (preferably MFD) to hang with her. I've checked craigslist several times with no luck, the classifieds, hoobly, and the recent fair was my last attempt so far. So thought I'd ask here is anyone has any or might know of anyone who raises them.

Sebright hens don't crow but the roosters are "hen-feathered". You must have had a rooster. I have mille fleur d'uccle's if you're interested in hatching eggs. I don't ship my birds. You can see pics of mine on my website if you're interested.
Hi, I'm brand new on this forum, just discovered it! I have a smallfarm flock of mille fleur d' Uccles, and could share. I live near Perry, Mich. and work in Novi. Mary

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