Does anyone know what breed?.........NEW PICS of reds, etc.

Big lou looks like a light Brahma... and the one above that, the blacker one could even be a dark brahma.... the first two look kinda like EE's maybe, or some kind of partridge rock... but I definitely don't think speckled sussex on any of them... they aren't speckled enough
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The first 2 look just like speckled sussex should at that age...
they will start to loose the partridge look soon and will start getting speckled....
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Thanks for all the posts! These pictures are from a couple of weeks ago, and all of our chickens have gotten bigger and have more color than in the pics. I have some other reds that I'm not sure the breed of that I will have to get pictures of. Thanks again!
Not sure on the top 2 (they do look like speckled )but Big lou is a mixed bird
*the legs being yellow and the tail is nothing like a pure LS still they are all fine looking chickens
I'll get some current photos of them. Big Lou now has black feathers coming in on the tail and the wings.
The red ones are definately Speckled Sussex pullets. The black one I would say is a Silver Laced Wyndotte. The white one, with its yellow legs, is likely a Columbian Rock.
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