Does anyone know what I can do for some quick extra cash? I'm broke!

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    Im sorry to hear you're in trouble. I was there once but had a generous but limited income mom to help me. We may be there again if husband loses his job.

    First, you can apply for food stamps. Food stamps is the only DSHS program that does NOT take into regard your income. It is based solely on your desperation for food. My daughter was so hungry she buckled in and applied (eh.. she wasnt making much). It doesnt take long... a couple hours and you are handed a food card (like a credit card) with a dollar amount balance. Dont think about it. Just DO IT. The worst that can happen is they say NO.

    Also, while you are there at DSHS (department of social and housing services) find out what other programs you can apply for. If your expenditures exceed your paychecks they can help you in some way. Be sure to bring rental payments, utility bills, car payments, things of that nature to show you are actually paying for them.

    Selling your blood is a good idea. Ive known people that did it and got them out of a pinch for a couple days.

    Find someone you know to loan you some money. A friend or a sibling?

    Get a credit card and use it ONLY for emergencies. No luxuries. We had to do that because we were so dirt poor and werent making ends meet with husbands paycheck. I know it goes against alot of peoples thinking but in my days the late payment fee was 18-25percent and we still did it. Took longer than heck to pay off but it bought gas. Just dont misuse the credit card. Its okay to make the minimum monthly fee. Look upon that as long term help.

    Good luck. ~barb

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