Does anyone know what I can do for some quick extra cash? I'm broke!


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My bank account just went into the negative, and I've already been having a bad week with blown tires and other expenses coming up, and now my bank account is in the negative, and I don't get paid again til the 19th! I live out in the middle of the country. I do already have a job so I can't really do babysitting or anything like that. I need money like NOW. I'm trying to sell my car that broke down in March on craigslist, but who knows how long that will take? I have maybe another two days worth of gas, and I'm not going anywhere today or tomorrow, but I have work Friday AND Saturday, and Sunday and Monday...and I don't know what to do. I have no one to borrow from. My mom's bank account is negative too. The bills are paid up, so that's not the problem, it's just that there isn't gas money, and my next paycheck will get eaten up in late fees if I don't get some money like NOW. Any ideas? I'm trying here. I listed my RIR chicks on craigslist too, but so far no bites on that. I think it may come down to selling off some of my teenagers, much as my daughter will be devastated. But I'm not even sure how fast I can sell those! If anyone has any ideas, shoot them my way. This is such a sucky way to be spending my birthday...
anything you can sell on ebay?

If you have a day job, can you get a night job waiting tables? Or vice versa?

Some people get weekend jobs at Sears or stores like that. Also good because you get a discount.

I think you can give blood or plasma for money?

Mow peoples yards or do odd jobs.
• Sell books to a used book store
• garage sale
• sell eggs and chicks
• ask for an advance from work
• donate plasma
• go to a pawn shop and pawn any electronics/jewelry, etc...
• have a bake sale
• contact your church for assistance (if you are a member of one)

That's all I can think of off the top of my head
try seeing if there is a better type account to have at the bank or change banks...

a lot of banks will have low service fees or no service fees you just have to ask for the plan that suits you

sell eggs

call around to co workers and see if you can car pool for a few days

i dont know if you have deposits on bottles and cans but if you do start taking bottles and cans back for the deposits

we call it a money jug, but most people have a place where they dump their spare change at the end of the week

list the chicks on kijiji too not just craigslist.
I really am sorry for your circumstances. I would talk to my boss and see if he/she can help you with gas money. If not perhaps a friend or brother or sister. I apologize for speaking the truth but you need help managing your money. I would call "consumer credit counseling" or the dept. of soc. ser. and explain that you are looking for help in managing your finances.
What you must understand is that you are not the only one who has ever needed help and education in financial management.
Getting out of the current mess is not going to be of any help if you just end up in this situation again. What you need to do is avoid it all together. If possible find a bank that has on-line banking so you can monitor your money on a regular basis and check your accounts and balances. Get help in setting up a budget and stick to it.
It is not normal to be in your situation and your mother appears to need help too.
If you wonder how I know all this, because we've been there. Mine is the voice of experience. Love ya.
I can't carpool cause I'm the one that lives 30 miles away from work, and we usually only work one person at a time. We don't buy canned pop very much, if ever. I don't have any eggs to sell cause my birds aren't old enough, or trust me, I would! I really like my bank, but the overdraft fees are killing me. It was just so convenient because it was right there, next to my job, and I could just go there and check my account, etc. Banks are few and far between out here. I think I will have to research though, see if there is one without a daily overdraft fee. It will reach nearly $50 in overdraft fees by the time my next check comes in, and I only make minimum wage, so that hurts. I'm about fed up with always being broke. There is a market for eggs out here, that was one of the reasons I got chickens. That, and my daughters wanted them for 4-H. But I still have another 3 months or so before my girls will even start producing. Taking on a part time job is easier said than done. My mom already wants to strangle my girls when she's alone with them, and asking her to spend even more time with them may cause her to pack her bags and move. She's already threatened me with that several times. I just don't know what to do. I feel like crying, but I'm not one to give up easily. I have faith. God will see me through this somehow. Until then, I am looking into all my options. And question, in order to sell on e-bay, don't you have to pay them a certain amount? I've never sold anything on it before so I'm not sure. And my camera broke so I can't take pictures of anything I want to sell. Arrgghhh!!!!
I will take a deep breath now, before I lose my mind completely...

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