Does comb damage disqualify a show bird?


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My little D'Uccle got into it with some bigger birds. Let's face it - everyone over 3 months old is bigger than she is. Though she's still the queen, she is now missing half her comb. To me, it's obvious that this is not a defect but damage. How is it viewed in the poultry world?

We're not talking about 4H, by the way. Here she is a year ago, beforehand:


Here she is with half her comb left:


Thanks for any advice and feedback!
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The results will vary some based on the judge, however if she is properly conditioned and the show comes down to counting points on the comb then it was an exceptional show. Very nice patterned hen by the way.
I don't see anything in the SOP about DQ's for a damaged comb, but the bird is probably supposed to have 5 points and it won't, so you will be marked down for that. Also it is an obvious defect and you would never beat a bird of similar quality.

One judge told me that a broken feather found on a bird is usually seen then put away.....a comb will continue to stare you in the face and will get you marked down more because it is so obvious.
What it comes down to is the judge has no way of knowing this is from an accident. In the cutting for points there are also targeted area where fowl are to be DQd for things like this if the judge thinks the comb was tampered with. I would leave her home and not waste the money because if there are other hens she will not win her class.
Hmmm. I'm getting the overall impression that no, it's not a disqualification but the competition would make the most difference?

To clarify, I have not shown a bird - though she was shown by her previous owner - so am unfamiliar with the point system. I have checked out the standards but have not seen anything that indicates priority in points. How significant are the points for comb correctness? I mean in percentages - like approximately 25% of the total, 10%, etc. At least, in this breed. :)

Lots of learning to do!
I would show her anyways. I show a rooster who has a poor comb. I would expect him to still beat another rooster with a good comb but worse type. I saw a little hen get bov even missing part of her comb. I think the comb accounts for a small portion of the overall score. However, with similarly matched birds otherwise, yes it would probably make or break it.

D'uccles are not too terribly common......PM wegotchickens on here, she shows and can give you more info.
They are sometimes judged on a points system most of the time it is simple comparison. The Comb is only 5 point max and 0 minimum. out of a possible 100 points for the bird. some Judges will overlook comb damage but not defects, some just overlook the comb all together unless competition is real tough.

Entry fees are seldom more than $5 a bird and often less, show if you want to there will be worse specimens there, the final decision is the judges, it may or may not affect the outcome.
Ooh - cool, thanks! I'd thought that the D'Uccles were pretty common for the true bantam breeds - but then I think I'm the only one of my "chicken friends" that has one. Hmmm...

I used to show and breed dogs - now THAT is a lot of money. Thank goodness chickens are cheap [cheep?]! Hopefully we'll show her this year and see how the whole thing works. I want to use her because she's just the easiest thing to work with and does not freak out ever.

Thanks so much for all the input - it really does help!

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