Does "Finisher" Feed come in Crumbles ???


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Finisher feed does come in crumbles. But who told you you need it in crumbles? Grower is used from ~8-18 weeks of age in layers--which is quite old enough for the chicks to be on pellets.

While chickens generally like crumbles more, they also have a tendency to waste them because they can scratch them out onto the floor and trample them into dust, or just peck them into dust and not eat them. If pellets land on the floor, they're pretty large and solid--the chickens just pick them up and eat them.

If you're desperate to find it in crumble form, though, I believe that Dumor 15% finisher comes in crumbles. That's at TSC. I don't really know any other brands, but I'm sure you can find some--just talk to the people at the feed store. Sometimes, the larger ones will even order stuff in for you.

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What birds are you buying this product for? What is the protein percentage of it? I would only consider buying it if I was growing out Cornish X Rocks. If this is not the case, you could certainly keep them on the UNMEDICATED starter until you are ready to switch them to layer.

Some of the grower or finisher feeds are only 15% protein. It makes no sense to me to step down from a 20% starter to a 15% grower/finisher, unless you are dealing with a Cornish X Rock.


Feb 17, 2017
I have meat broilers that were actually given to me .. they are white ( I think Cornish Rock). A young man was doing show birds for Houston Livestock Show Rodeo. This was his 1st cull.
I'm not raising them to show ... I have cancer so I need non hormone & drug free as possible. I have a friend that helped his daughter do show birds about 3 yrs ago that is advising me but I think he lost sight that they are not for show but to eat ... cos he is trying to raise them BIG (for more meat??)
Any direction on raising ORGANIC meat birds ???
I did finally yesterday find a Gallo brand Organic "conditioner" game poultry feed ??? 16% Protein / 5% Fat >>> It's not pellets but looks more like natural grains
Any suggestions/direction is welcomed !!!

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