Does giving "Tylan" make quail eggs unsafe?

Discussion in 'Quail' started by zbraswell92, Jan 13, 2014.

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    Dec 6, 2011
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    6 of my 11 cortunix quail have developed pink-eye. I've put 2cc. of Tylan in their water container to kill the pink-eye/any other 'bugs' in them.
    (Their water container holds roughly 4.5 cups of water.)
    How long should I continue adding Tylan to their water and are the eggs laid while on it safe for human consumption?
    It says on the Tylan box to give it to swine for 5 days. Would 3 days be enough to rid my babies of pink-eye and any possible respiratory infections?
    I also rubbed bacterian zinc on their eyes this morning.
    When I went to say good night to them after today (1st day with Tylan in their water) they seemed to have gotten that spring back in their steps they'd lost while sick, only after 11 hours of drinking their medicated water!!! :D
    I'll rub the bac. zinc on their eyes again tomorrow morning again.
    So, to sum up what I'm asking~
    1.) Are the eggs safe to eat while the quail ingest Tylan, and if not how long to wait before eating their eggs again?
    2.) How many days should I medicate their water with Tylan to rid all 'bugs' they might have?
    Any tips would be GREAT!!

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