Does heat delay hens from laying eggs?

Here in NC where we live, its been in the high 90s all week. Granny hasn't layed at all since Saturday. (unusual for her) and our PLYMOUTHS STILL haven't started laying. They're now 22 weeks...One of them is squatting for the rooster and has been for a while. We make sure to always put fresh, cold water in their several times daily.
We were all new to chickens once! Don't be afraid to ask questions! That said, don't be afraid to ask Google and/or use the Search function on this site too.
Just about any question I've ever had about the chooks has been asked and answered already here on BYC. Come to think of it, it was an early chicken question I typed into Google years ago that first led me to this wonderful site!

So long as your chooks have free access to fresh water and quality ration, shade during the hottest part of the day and a well-ventilated coop at night, they should do quite well without any interference (kindly intended as it is) from us two-legged meddlers.
Do your birds free range?
Is your coop shaded and well ventilated?
It is well shaded and ventilated. Plenty of fresh cool water, couple times a day. Right now they arent free ranging bc we having to "reteach" the OEGs where home is, bc they still try roosting in the apple tree at night. and regarding my barred rocks.. i was told by several ppl on here I should keep them in the coop or run until my girls start laying so they won't start laying all over the yard. they are 23 weeks.

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