Does incubator hatched chicks go broody??


Dec 29, 2017
Attached is the pic of my bird can someone please help me with the breed of the two big birds???
Also, I have same hen but adult but it doesn't go broody, Instead she eats her eggs

Please someone help me


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I'm not sure of breed.

Not all hens go broody. Some never will. A lot of it is their breed makeup but even then there's no guarantees.

If a hen is not broody and you leave eggs in the nest box, the eggs might get smashed open from the chickens going in and out of the nest box and at that point yes they'll eat the eggs. So if there's no broody hen I wouldn't leave eggs in the nest box.

Conversely, if a hen is broody, they can be broody even if you take away all the eggs.
The red one could be Rhode Island Red, the black one looks like a mutt but also looks like a black sex links. Hens eating eggs is difficult to break, try wooden eggs and or ceramic egg where she lays so when she pecks them will be hard. Also collect eggs as soon as possible to to discourage egg eating. On your q about being broody, certain breeds are broody especially the heirloom ones. I got over 40 hens (15 different breeds) and with almost 5 years of chicken keeping only 3 went broody on me (Australorps and Black Copper Marans and a white leghorn that’s not suppose to be broody)
It doesn't matter how the chicken was hatched or raised. Some breeds are more prone to broodiness than others, but that does not guarantee that every hen of those breeds will go broody. Hatchery chickens are also less likely to go broody than heritage breeds as that trait seems to have been bred out of them.

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