Does Milk REALLY work for coccidia?


Big Mamma Brahma
8 Years
Oct 18, 2011
Beaufort, NC Outer Banks
Hi, I live in a swamp and so my chickens are well acquainted with coccidia. I am given to treating for it only when I notice symptoms (pretty much only in the little ones). I have noticed a drop in egg production lately and it could be due to the really miserable weather we've had all summer or it could be due to a high coccidia load. I haven't done a fecal yet but I can bet that I will find some coccidia. I keep my chickens on probiotics (a powder made for horses) and I rotate dewormers every three months. I am about to order some valbazen but I thought I might first try to bring the coccidia numbers down in order to get egg production up.

I have been reading about a milk flush method and was wondering if anybody has used it and seen real results. I am going to try it out anyway, but I thought this would make a nice discussion and would really like to hear some input. I am just going to give them some feed soaked in milk. Not sure how much milk, but I'll get back to you when I decide, or maybe somebody could advise me on quantity.

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