Does my chicken have a broken or dislocated leg?

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    Feb 25, 2013
    I found my poor chicken hangin upside down, with one leg tangled up in some plastic tarp strands. I fear "odess" wriggled for a long time trying to get loose and hurt her leg badly. her leg is limp and just hangs from her body as tho it was pulled loose of its socket perhaps . Shes just laying there and cant use it when she tries to stand up. any ideas out there to reset it back?, or any diagnostic or other treatment that u might know of? I know she will need calm and warmth , I am getting her a box for the living room next to the fireplace. food and water will be in there with her, she continues to eat and drink. I will hand feed her if necessary. B-12 was mentioned in an earlier discussion, I have that. Aspirin was also brought up. I dont know how and how much to give her along with using vitamins as treatment. She has been a wonderful healthy pet other than this occurrence for three years since birth. we have a feed store in our small town , to buy her what anyone out there might think of that will help her. the vets here work on large live stock no boutique bird care here, that's 70 miles away. If u can , we sure could use your help.
    thank you so much, we are hoping for someone to help us that's been thru this ,
    Odess and the big guy

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    Jan 1, 2012
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    Maybe someone with some experience with something similar will chime in. Can you post a few pictures?

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