Does my chicken have sour crop?


Sep 6, 2020
Berkshire County, MA
Yesterday afternoon I noticed one of my chickens crop area looking sort of enlarged. She was acting totally fine and like herself, so I thought nothing of it and continued my day. She laid an egg this morning, and is still her happy, perky, normal self. The area still looked enlarged on her right side, so about 10 minutes ago I picked her up and pressed that area. It felt sort of squishy and moldable, she had to reaction to me pressing it. I don't know a lot about sour crop or impacted crop, but I'm not sure what else it could be. Could anyone help me out?
Could we have pictures? How old is she?

Is her crop emtying overnight?
If you are unsure, tonight after they go to bed take away their food, then in the morning before giving it back and check her crop to see if it feels full.

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