Does one week make that much difference?


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Feb 24, 2011
I am like a kid the day before Christmas. My chicks are scheduled to be picked up next Tues. but I am seriously thinking about going to the hatchery and seeing what they have "on the floor" and getting 6 today.

Can I just put the others in next Tues. if I get these 6 early?

Would it be better to just add 6 at the same time I pick up the ones on order.

First timer here, any input appreciated.
It's always safer to try integrating chickens of the same age. However, usually when they are that small, it goes quite well. Some of it has to do with breed and size, too. Lots of info about this on past threads in here. Good luck.
Hello there! I agree with DDAWN. Ideally, (and I know it's sooooo hard to resist) it's a good idea to wait to they are the same age.....They would probably be OK with a one week age difference.....probably.....I'm a "play it safe" gal myself.....

True................ while hatching sometimes I may have a few staggered hatches a week after a big hatch, I integrate them with little or no problems.

I would be careful about picking out LF chicks today if you are waiting on banties to be delivered later this week. The size & age difference might be too much to overcome. I quite often combine older banty chicks with day old LF and turkeys with no problems. If the age difference is a week or less, you should be okay, But always have an extra space as a back up brooder in case your two gangs don't get along!
I just put new chicks in with my three week olds, no problem. I think until they're a month or so, it's not a problem. A week really doesn't matter, they're still all babies.
Good point on the Banty & LF difference, that will make things touchy.

Couldn't wait, ended up at Cackle Hatchery a little after noon, got 7 Easter Eggers. They seem to be happy in their box of pine shavings covered with paper towels. Messy little fuzzy butts

Loved how my 2 1/2 year old Grandson was just mezmorised by them. I think he would have climbed in the brooder with them.

So far this has been as much fun as I have had in a while.

Got 7 because one escaped the shipping box and had to get caught with a butterfly net. She was a little slow to drink and eat- but just fine now. Put a stick in the brooder and they have been jumping around on it, sorta roosting on it.

The way they just fall asleep, anywhere, in any shape is just a Hoot! Fall asleep with their head in the feeder. Like someone switched them off.

This is gonna be fun.

Thanks for everyones help.

These chicks are Easter egg type. Nest Tues. pick up Black Austrolorps. Bakers dozen at this point.
A week apart should be fine. I've done it myself a couple of times, like when I replace ones that have died or just on a whim. I added Barred Rocks to my 1 week older Americunas and Marans, just because the wife wanted some, & now the smaller Rocks rule the roost!

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