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Apr 22, 2010
Westminster, MD
I have three 24 week old Light Brown Leghorns and have yet to get a white egg. Their 13 brown-laying siblings have all begun to lay. They range in age from 21 weeks to 27 weeks. I understand to wait and look for hidden nests, that has all been done and the only time they free range is when we can keep a very close eye on them.

Two are showing definate signs of being ready...floppy red combs, squat, investigating nest boxes and even sitting in them....just no eggs. The third is just a late bloomer, I guess. They are definately leghorns with white lobes.

I have been watching thread along this line but I have a question. They are low rank and are pick on by the higher ranked girls. They have missing feathers above the tail since the other brats pull their feathers as they go by. It's only one or two that do it but the most mature leghorn has a bare spot the size of a quarter. Could it be that this is why they aren't laying yet? What happens to the eggs if they don't lay them due to stress? Does their body reabsorb the egg?

They have been showing signs of lay for over three weeks now. They are eating fine, friendly, bright eyed with no signs of illness at all. What could be the answer?
Some of my best layers were on the lower end of the pecking order so I doubt that is the problem. They just might need more time.
my lowest one in rank is laying...and only about 1/2 of our chickens are laying so far

I realize I'm being impatient. I was just out with them and only one is squatting. It's just that all five of the younger girls are laying now and I thought these beauties would be laying first since they're a production breed. I guess there's no real timetable in these matters. Also, the fact that they are my only white egg layers makes it very obvious that they aren't laying yet.

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