Does the coop need to be level? And question about aprons.


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The area we are putting the coop isn't quite level and I don't really have an easy way to level it. Does it matter if it's sitting at a slight angle? It's not going to be a very big angle. If it's not ok, what do you suggest? I was thinking of putting the lower end up on cement blocks but then I wasn't sure about keeping it predator-proof. Would hardware cloth work for the gap?

As for aprons, do they need to be buried? How far out from the coop should they go?

Well they might think they are in an evil laire like in the old BATMAN series whenever they showed the Joker or some other bad guys evil meeting place.
They should be fine - Trees are not perfectly level and straight and they love to sit on branches too!
Our coop and run are both setting at an angle. The chooks have yet to lodge a complaint. I have a hard time with the waterer leaking tho, as it doesn't always sit level. As I write this I am looking out the window waiting for UPS to deliver my watering nipples so I can hang a jug of water and do away withe the spills. Any minute now and no more wet shavings.
While I wouldn't set it too much off level, level is more for you than anything. It may make your waterer less useful if it is too out of level. That said I leveled mine by putting blocks under it. It has wire under it and floor so I'm not that worried about predators. Plus, electric fencing helps my predator fears.
I put the hardware cloth down on the ground, and 2 feet out. Some folks bury it, but I have fossilized adobe clay harder than diamonds, so I just wet it real good for about a hundred hours, then pressed it into the quarter inch of muck generated from all that water.
Then I put pavers on top of part of it (by the people door for like a front step) and for the rest of the coop perimeter, placed big, interesting-looking rocks I've gathered from various places. After a while, the hardware cloth "became" part of the ground.

Predators usually dig right at the base of buildings, and don't think to move back 2 feet to tunnel under the apron.

And my coop, even on raised concrete blocks, is not absolutely level. Due to that hard-as-diamonds clay ground, again. The chickens don't mind.
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