Does this CornishX look nomal for its age


11 Years
Jan 1, 2009
Columbus NC
I have 100 CornishX in the brooder. This is my first time with meaties. These are 12 days old and starting to feather out on the wings and tails. My concern is the breast area. It has a little bit a matted type fuss/feather but you can see the pink skin more than anything. I put down fresh little everyday so they are no laying in poop all the time. I had a problem the first 4-5 days with them jerking on the nipple waterers causing them to quirt water out. I kept rasing it without sucess and finally went back to a 5 gallon waterer. So I know they are not laying in wet bedding. Again, Im just wondering about the breast and that pink skin you can see in the picture and if this is normal for these 12 day old birds. The picture doesnt show how bad it really is.

Looks normal. They can be kind of spotty with their feathers. I just processed some 8wk olds that were bald under their wings. Made it easier to pluck.
they say chicks have an ugly duckling phase....

i will say the Cornish x certainly have the WORST ugly duckling phase.... so ya in short thats normal...
Sounds good. Im trying the deep litter method for bedding which has worked well so far. I did have that problem with them getting the beddding damp right under the nipple waterers but I fixed that when I cut them off and went to the 5 gallon waterer.

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