Does this hen have java? and is this male possibly a midnight?


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May 25, 2011
Gaston Oregon
First bird is a hen, to me she is an IB hen split to white. but her head feathers say Java and her face markings are slightly different than the other IB birds we have. The only Java that we could possibly had is a
white named bloody beak that had yellow cheeks but was sold to us as a day old white. Either that or she got mixed up when we hatched her from an egg in 2008 and she is some other kind of bird.


Bird 2 is also a hatch from 2008 We got eggs from Ebay that year and I we believe that he was suppose to be a midnight. He was a different color as a chick and a yearling but, he is becoming more india blue every year. This year he has almost his full tail, his neck is more lighter turquoise than the other birds,(cant see it well in pics, i tried to include another neck in the second picture) is that because he is our youngest male? What are your opinions on Mr Midnight.


I dont know about the peahen but I dont think the male is a midnight here is mine they have diffrent neck colors...

Very pretty bird.

For a long time I was expecting an almost black bird, with black eyes. That is why I thought I lost him because the strange colored chic/yearling just disappeared over the years.

I will go outside and see if his feathers change color in the sun. I didnt realize that was something to look for. You can pick him out by neck color from our other IB and IB black shoulder birds, but
he is not nearly as "dark green" as yours C&R man. Thanks for the pic.
Mine is a Midnight "white eye" so maybe that has something to do with the green? Here is a better pic of him when I first got him.

Thank you Deerman, do you have any ideas why some white birds would have lught yellow on cheeks? Would The hen have some split in her that would cause face markings to look
different and crest feathers to point differently?

We called her bloody beak because we purchased 2 whites. 2 black shoulders, and one india blue as day olds and for some reason the other chicks would not stop pecking her beek. Bloody beek 's white hen counterpart did nkt have yellow on cheeks.

I went outside and looked at my suspected midnight and he has irridecent neck feathers. So good news is that i still have healthy bird.

Thanks for the info
And thanks CR for more photos
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PortugalBreeder- Yeah they came in that box. It was tiny I was kinda mad.

And Knix6468- That is a white peahen.

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