Does this look fertile?

OK so I guess my rooster is doing something, I had not witnessed anything or heard him crow!!
BULLSEYE.............somebody been busy!!
I would like to know the answer to this question too, i plan to hatch in the spring so would like to check a few eggs for fertility 1st.
usually its a bullseye looking thing in the yoke. if you look in the picture there is, in the almost center of the picture, a bullseye.
Yes. They are the same as unfertilized eggs until something raises the temp above 85 degrees for more that 24 hours. Even then, development usually doesnt happen until temps hit 99.5 deggrees for 24+hours.
Don't be mistaken with an unfertile egg which has a white spot where the bullseye would be if it were fertilzed. There is a white spot with a definite ring around it if it IS fertile.

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