Does this look like start of angel wing?


May 22, 2020
Hilo, Hawaii
Just noticed today, only the one side, other two ducks seem ok. (She is the one growing the fastest and has the first wing feathers!). What can I do besides lower protein a bit?
They were on unmedicated chick starter until 3 weeks, but I did read to switch at that point because the protein is too much. Moved to Nature’s Best duck crumbles mixed half/half with Purina flock raiser (didn’t have enough of the duck at our store and it comes in rarely, so got talked into the flock raiser), which is still a lot of protein 18 and 20, so avg of 19%. They just made 4 weeks yesterday, they do free range a little and I just started adding some oatmeal in the last few days because I was worried, just noticed the wing today though (first time I saw wing feathers starting).
I do not see anything abnormal.
That’s a relief—think I’m paranoid and the feathers are just awkward looking because they’re just coming out. Whew. But should I continue the oatmeal to help reduce the protein a little? (I also add nutritional yeast at least one feeding for the niacin...)
NO. Flock raiser intended to be fed at a whole ration, from hatch to death. Juts provide a calcium source once they are at POL.

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