Does this sound like a load of poo to anyone else?

It is a load of poo...

I didn't buy one, but someone on here did and it is basically a magnet on a string and if you hold it over their head and if it swings in circles it's one gender, if it goes back and forth, it's the other. I forget which one claims to be which, I think it's a load of hooey...
bahah i thought so, it seriously made my burst out laughing when i read it! imagine going into the feed store and holding a magnet over a little chicks head, you would get the worst WTH? looks haha
If you read the feedback, you will see that the "bird sexer" is a magnet on the end of a white string.

4th feedback down.
i order sexed silver laced wyandottes, 2 females and 1 cockeral, well they were all rehomed, the family treated me to a very authentic Mexican dinner, delish.
really? a magnet on a string can tell the sex of a chick? wow im sorry its just a little hard to believe, id rather just take my chances than spend like 11 dollars on a string and magnet and get the crazy girl look when trying to use it. seriously the guys at my feed stor i go to would never let me live that one down hahaha

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