Does this sound like bumble foot?


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Dec 10, 2015

So a few weeks ago my bantam silkie 2.5 years old had a small scab on each of her feet, I took her inside washed and soaked her feet in warm water, and cleaned with antibacterial soap. i examined her feet, and besides the scabs there was no swelling or redness. i was able to wipe the scabs away with a paper towel easily, they weren't really stuck on there. and underneath was nice healthy looking pink skin. put her back and she seemed OK

a week later she developed a minor limp, i repeated the above process of washing, and did a better examination- she had no swelling redness or heat coming from any part of her feet, or legs and joints. the scabs weren't there anymore just healed skin. her legs moved exactly the same and i felt no abnormality. she was molting, so i examined her feathers on her feet, and saw a few pins coming in and assumed it was just a pokey pin feather growing in.

a few weeks pass and her limp hasn't gone away, it has in fact worsened. she is no longer using that leg, she tucks it up to her body backwards, not forwards. and hops around on one leg, and flaps her feathers to balance or propel forward. she is eating and drinking normal, but sits whenever she can, and obviously can't scratch as she would want to. i examined her legs again today and do not feel any breaks or obvious signs of injury. no heat, NOTHING! I do not know what to do! the flock is starting to sense the "weaker link" and are picking on her, and its just so sad to see.

My question is. Can bumble foot heal on its own after scab removal (if thats what it was) there is no sign of scab or swelling now. if it was bumble foot could it have created an internal infection, and if thats the case, should i use any kind of antibiotic for her? is there any chance of saving her? I only have seen surgery treatments, and haven't been able to find symptoms (other than scabs) online. could this lame leg be a symptom? There is no scab, and she has healthy looking feet now.

I also do not think this is marks, because her wing isn't extended, and her foot isn't extended straight forward, she just tucks it bent backwards, like if they sleep on one leg.

any advice on what this might be, how to fix it or what i should do would be amazing. or even experience on bumble foot or extended/ further symptoms. I do not want to have to put her to sleep, and we do not have any avian vets around here to see her.

Edit: So sorry I posted this twice! It appeared the first time when i posted it, that it had been deleted because it wasn't appearing on the feed, but i see it is there now! I don't know how to delete posts, so apologies ahead of time!

update: I just checked both of her feet. no scabs or real evidence of scabs. her scales have all grown back and it looks like a normal padded foot, like always. She really favors her good leg and won't let me extend that one much so muscle strength is high! the lame leg, she will let me extend with no fuss, and lets me poke and prod all i want on that leg. retraction is there, but much less than her good leg. :(
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