Does your rooster hate a specific pair of shoes?


6 Years
Oct 7, 2015
SE Oklahoma
Probably a weird question but every time I wear a certain pair of shoes, my rooster tries to flog my feet. If I'm in tennis shoes, he doesn't care about anything about me. Like everyone says they can see the difference in a rooster when they get aggressive with you, but I don't see that 'look in his eyes' that tells me it's because of me, specifically? Like he eats out of my hands otherwise.

I've bopped him upside the head for it once before, when he actually got my feet and pecked the fire out of me, and he usually stays away from my feet otherwise.

I walk through him instead of around him, and a part of me wonders if he's jealous the hens follow me around when I'm outside vs following and listening to him. I've also been watching for aggressive behavior when I wear other shoes.

Is my bird just dumb and hates a pair of shoes or like... should I just cull and get it over with?

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