Dog attack--seems ok but not sure what to do

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    Feb 19, 2013
    My girls were in the front yard this afternoon and a little rat terrier (half the size of my chicken) from across the street got loose and attacked one of my hens. I didn't see it, I heard the girls cluck clucking like something was wrong and ran outside, the little dog was running away and my hen was lying on the ground. She was low to the ground, and one of her wings was slightly splayed out, but when I approached her she hopped up and walked away as if nothing was wrong. I let her be and she made her way back to the pen, I had put the other 4 girls away because they were pretty nervous.

    She stood in the pen for a bit, then went and sat down in the little lean-to rain shelter (they very rarely go in here, only when it's raining heavily). Stayed there for a bit, then a little while later I saw her back with the flock, all just hanging out looking normal. I figured she was pretty shaken up and didn't want to bother her, so we left for a bit and came back to find her back in the lean-to. But when I went in to feed them, she hopped up, chirped at me a little and ate with the other girls. I haven't picked her up yet, just looking closely while she was eating and I don't see any missing feathers, broken skin, or blood. There were maybe 2-3 feathers at the attack site. She looks very fluffed up. Her wings are a little droopy looking and her tail is down a little, nothing drastic but slightly off, but I have seen my hens looks like that before when they are in a weird mood, molting, or broody. She seems to be eating just fine, the other girls aren't bothering her, and she's not limping.

    Should I do anything else? That dog was so small, I would think the chicken was capable of kicking its butt (which is probably why I saw it running away with it's tail between legs and ears down). I'm scared to inspect her because I don't want to hurt her. Advice? TIA!
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    I would pick her up off the roost in the dark when she is sleeping, and look her skin over closely with a flashlight, just to make sure you don't see any cuts or puncture wounds, since they can become infected. She is a lucky hen for sure. By eating, being active, and alert, she sounds like she may be alright. Check her in the morning in case her wings are still droopy, since they could be damaged.
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    Another thing you can do is go across the street and tell the owner of the dog to put it on a leash or something. Seems like you and your chickens got lucky this time so take steps to prevent it from happening again.

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